What You Should Know About Floor Tiles

Floor TilesHome aesthetic is something that many people have always overlooked with little emphasis on the use of floor tiles. Over the years, the use of floor tiles has gained significant mileage and is today witnessing widespread usage across the world. Flooring as it is always called is the usage of any material deemed aesthetic to cover the floor which could range from plastic carpets, ceramic carpets, glass tiles to wooden carpets. Different people prefer different types of flooring materials and this means there need to understand into details what types of flooring materials are in existence and perhaps the benefits that those who use them would gladly speak out.

Floor tiles are of different make and usage. They can be used at residential places or at commercial places to beautify the floor as well as serve other functions. In residential places, floor tiles vary in significance, usage and areas of application. There are flooring materials which are particularly dedicated for use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallways and among other places. It is on this premise that one would choose or prefer a particular flooring tile to another.

As the desire for home beatification upsurges, the need for upscale flooring materials is also rising with each new day. Because of this, there are numerous companies or industries that have ventured into making tiles of whatever nature to meet the rising market demand.

Types of Flooring Materials

Ceramic flooring material is one of such tiles that are widely used today. Ceramic tiles are made from clay which is heated in a kiln after being heated at flattened and moulded into the desired flat shape. It is during the heating process that engraving of patterns is done to create variety in terms of design and colour. However, there are ceramic tiles that assume the original colour of clay used which can be red or black clay. One characteristic that make ceramic tiles popular is their impervious nature which means they absorb little moisture. This essentially makes them durable flooring materials. Ceramic flooring materials are made as either glazed embossed or textured to create variety for preference depending on the effect or impression one want to create at home or at the work place.


Metal tiles are another type of tiles though not popularly used at homes. Metal tiles are preferably used in industries and commercial places that witness huge traffic and heavy duty activities. This is because they hardly break under high pressure or heavy loads. Metals tiles are made by super heating iron ore or whatever metal material is used and then the molten paste recast into tiles.

There is also wooden tiles which has become very popular; a fact that is attributed to their classy look. Most wooden tiles are made from hard woods such as mahogany, rose wood, oak and many others. Over the years, bamboo has also become a widely sought after flooring material in recent time given its durability and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions such as winter. Wooden tiles are natural tiles and given the need to embrace green housing, wooden flooring materials are increasingly taking a toll on pre-existing flooring material s such as ceramics, metallic tiles and plastic tiles.

Factors That Influence Choice of Flooring Materials

There are factors that come to play when one want to purchase a given type of flooring material. These include cost, noise regulation, endurance, comfort and cleaning effort.

Cost of anything will always come first when one intends to purchase flooring material or tiles. Tiles are prized differently depending on their quality. Many factors therefore define quality such as durability and appeal.

Ease of cleaning is also another determinant of what type of flooring materials or tiles one goes for. Glass tiles and ceramic tiles are easier to clean compare to other types of tiles such as wooden tiles. It is on this premise that they location on which they are laid in a house deferrers. Essentially, tiles that are easier to clean are always preferably used in the kitchen and hall ways as those places experience high traffic as opposed to the bedroom and living room. Other factors such as comfort and endurance make significant contributions toward buying a particular floor tile. Notably, some people purchase floor tiles because of the beauty with which they are designed. Their aim is to always create a great look that living a lasting impression in the minds of visitors but it is also important to take into account the question of colour blend.

Floor Tiles for the Home

Floor Tiles

When building or remodelling a home, floor tiles can be a great addition to various rooms. Some of the best places to use them are the kitchen, bathroom, and entryways. Floor tiles are attractive and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for most homeowners.

The wide selection available offers the option to make the floor area a solid colour or to use different design to create an array of styles. The colour options are endless, allowing for any home style to be complemented by this flooring option.

Some people like to use one or two different colours to create a checkerboard style pattern while others opt for a more randomized appearance. There are décor choices that are designed to make borders that coordinate with the various options for the inner squares. It is fun for homeowners to choose how they wish to decorate these areas.

Floor tiles are really easy to clean, which is one of the reasons so many people love them. They can be swept daily in high traffic areas and do not trap dirt and debris the way that carpet does. Mopping them only takes a few minutes, unlike the labour intensive treatments it requires to keep hardwood floors beautiful.

For remodelling purposes, many people opt to install the tiles themselves, rather than hiring a professional installation service. Before doing so, the homeowner needs to be certain that enough tiles are purchased. Because manufacturers change their supplies on a regular basis, the same style may not be available in the future.

A good way to plan is measuring the area that will be covered with the tiles and calculating how many it will take to fill it. However, the number purchased should not be this exact number. Additional tiles should be bought in case some are damaged during the installation process. Additionally, if damage is done after installation, having exact matches available will simplify the repair process.

If the floor tiles are arranged in a pattern, people should have some of each style, particularly those that will be in the high traffic zones. This ensures that replacements of the proper colour are readily available.

Using floor tiles instead of carpeting or hardwood makes them an ideal choice for many. They are attractive and practical, making it easy to clean and maintain. Anyone thinking about a home remodel should give floor tiles serious consideration.