Flooring Colours for Best Feng Shui

In feng shui, house or office flooring is important for obvious reasons – not only the flooring creates a big part of the visual impression of your space, it is also the very main foundation that you walk upon.

The right choice and placement of flooring can also do an excellent job of guiding Chi, or Universal energy throughout your home or office, thus promoting good feng shui energy, while a poor choice of flooring will do the opposite. Learn more.

How To Choose Flooring Layout, Shapes and Patterns

Fengshui Tiles

Nobody wants that, so let’s look at how you can create best feng shui energy with the right choice of flooring layout or shapes and patterns.

If you are working with wood floors, there are two main flooring layouts choices you are looking at – you can place your board across the width of the room or across the length. You can also go for a more unique look – that of a diagonal, or 45 degree angle placement, as well as the most sophisticated option of unique inlaid patterns. Learn more.

Feng Shui Tips and Bathroom Design Ideas to Feng Shui Homes for Wealth

Bathroom design is an important part of Feng Shui home design and decorating. Bathroom is a place where the water goes through pipes away from the house. Water symbolizes wealth in ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design and decorating phylosophy.

Wealth is not only about money and comfortable living. Accordng to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design masters, wealth includes health and vitality, happiness and love also. Proper bathroom design and decorating help attract good luck and Feng Shui your home design for wealth.

Water and money are associated with the energy. The energy flow is similar to money flow, ancent Chinese Feng Shui masters explain. The bathroom with the toilet, sinks and bathtub works as a hole through which money, health and good luck can escape from the house. Learn more.